Higher Education Solutions

Research to Revenue

Research to Revenue

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities have content, usually LOTS of content.

We help colleges and universities capitalize on opportunities to monetize that content by removing the barriers to innovation created by legacy systems and processes.


Our clients can choose a comprehensive approach where 12 handles all aspects of a project or a cafeteria-style approach where the client only pays for the services they need.


  • Hosted LMS – Traditional and Competency-Based
  • Online and phone help desk for your users
  • Extensive learner analytics
  • Branding to the Department level of an Institution
  • Complete Project Management
  • Program and Course Design
  • Course conversion for almost any LMS
  • Advertising and Social Media Management
  • Learner Recruitment and Advising
  • Learner Registration and Payment
  • Academic Mentoring
  • Learner Authentication
  • Certification Testing and Credentialing


Escape from:

  • Our system doesn’t do that
  • We have never done that before
  • We don’t have the resources for that
  • NO!

We are ready to help turn your Research into Revenue.